Our software solutions

During its existence, GC System has developed several in-house solutions. We currently offer four main systems. The first is the GCPack document management system, which involves, in addition to the traditional functionalities of common DMS systems, e.g., advanced control of compliance with legislative requirements or the retrieval of reference records. The second system is the GC FM Pack asset management platform for advanced registration of movable and immovable property, including visualisation on map documents and in 3D. We have also developed a system for advanced GCMP monitoring, which enables comprehensive monitoring of the entire enterprise information architecture. The fourth GMV system falls into the category of industrial IoT solutions for transport and, among other things, includes integration of intelligent machines and enables process automation using artificial intelligence.
In view of the constantly increasing popularity of cloud computing, we decided to draw on many years of experience in this area and create our own cloud services platform – GC Cloud. We not only place emphasis on financial savings or anytime/anywhere availability but, of course, also on comprehensive security.