About GC System

During the three decades of operating in an increasingly dynamic market, we have created effectively cooperating teams, acquired a wide range of knowledge and skills and, last but not least, built a high-quality corporate background.

Today, we not only have more than 70 employees working in the Brno headquarters and branches in Prague, Ostrava and Bratislava, but we also achieve an average annual turnover of more than CZK 1 billion. Our place as one of the most important Czech IT companies is confirmed by the fact that we regularly occupy the highest positions within the TOP 100 ICT Companies competition in the Czech Republic, and further by our continuing receipt of prestigious awards from the world's largest ICT companies.

GC System's corporate philosophy is based on the goal of providing the highest quality products and services, including the greatest possible added value. We strive to provide this while simultaneously adapting supplied and already delivered solutions to current customer requirements, and/or to changes across individual fields.

Thanks to a strong background and extensive sales and service centre coverage, we can also implement demanding projects, including high-end and enterprise solutions in the banking, manufacturing, business and state spheres. In addition, we are constantly growing and establishing ourselves in new areas.

Thanks to GC System, the use of information technology is not only simpler, more efficient and safer, but it is also supported by the guaranteed professional services from a leading Czech IT brand. It doesn't matter if the customer is from state administration, the largest corporations or medium-sized companies.