Solutions for the Internet of Things environment

In the world Internet of Things environment, GC System primarily operates in the transport segment – we offer a GMV (Geographical Monitoring Vagon) solution, i.e., an IoT system for monitoring carriages. Of course, a part of the implementation is provision of data communication and system integration with information systems used within the environment of railway companies.

Geographical Monitoring Wagon is a unique industrial solution and includes the integration of intelligent machines, automation using artificial intelligence and advanced analysis. It is therefore a solution for the Industrial Internet of Things or so-called Industry 4.0. There is also the possibility of expanding with other functionalities, including asset management. The system is designed to be independent of the specific operating platform and can be conveniently used on various devices, together with different operating systems.

The GMV system delivers business process optimisation, better vehicle fleet operation, increased employee productivity, communication streamlining, operational management optimisation and, last but not least, human resource and operational cost reductions.

Currently, the system is deployed in Třinecké železárny a.s.