Asset Management

  • Smart management of property, maintenance, resources and spare parts supply
  • Support of Industry 4.0 process
  • Connection to the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Advanced analytical tools, monitoring of property health
  • Predictive maintenance

System for Effective Control and Management of Business’ Property

The IBM MaaS360 technology offers cloud based solutions for the management of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers and company agenda.

  • Complete information regarding property usage, including online data
  • Business’ property ownership and management costs
  • What is the current property condition, when is it going to need maintenance
  • Not limited to a particular type or usage area (individual manufacturing device, industrial units, information technology, cars) or infrastructure (buildings, roads, railroads, planes) or electrical/water/heat/gas lines


Optimal property performance can only be ensured using suitable tools, such as IBM Maximo. In connection with GIS map background documentation and mobile devices, the IBM Maximo system enables the management of employees (even in the field) and their provision of required work procedures, tools and work safety.

IBM Control Desk is a variant for ITIL processes.

Benefits of Unified Property Management Systems

  • Increased productivity and equipment usage, including human resources
  • Prevention and prediction of equipment/property failure
  • Better optimisation of maintenance resources
  • Increased warehouse management effectiveness and reduced material costs
  • Mobile interface for employees in the field
  • Ensured work safety and work environment, compliance with legislative requirements


For IBM (customer: Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs) – implementation of the Central Register of Administrative Buildings project (CRAB)

  • The system is used by state institutes for purposes of immovable property records (especially for administrative buildings) and related expenses, dislocation commissions for decision-making on the effectiveness of their usage and providing management and analytic reports.
  • The CRAB register is integrated with systems of selected state institutes, public registers (ARES, RÚIAN, ROS, ROB, KN) and the GIS geographical information systems.