Hardware solutions

GC System's hardware portfolio primarily includes devices and platforms focused on corporate customers. We cover both computing resources and solutions for data storage and network infrastructure.

Historically, GC System has focused on IBM hardware solutions. IBM offers a wide range of products that cover all hardware requirements across the enterprise information architecture. IBM products are not only characterised by high reliability, but also by gradual integration of the best innovations from IBM development laboratories, including elements of artificial intelligence.

If necessary, we offer our customers the use of servers, data stocks and infrastructure elements of the DELL EMC brand. In addition, our team of specialists has detailed experiences in integrating this brand's products into an enterprise information architecture based on IBM Power / AIX technologies or using VMware and Hyper-V virtualisation technologies.

V rámci našeho partnerství se společností Lenovo poskytujeme široké portfolio služeb založených na technologii společnosti Lenovo. Jsme schopni zákazníkům poskytnout dodávku řešení, jak pro datová centra (serverové systémy, datová úložiště, infrastrukturní prvky), tak i pro koncové uživatele (Notebooky, PC).

Díky našemu dalšímu partnerství, tentokrát se společností Fujitsu, umíme našim zákazníkům poskytnout obdobné služby i na této technologii. To znamená opět realizovat řešení pro datová centra, včetně serverů datových úložišť i infrastrukturních prvků.

The above brands are not alone in the hardware portfolio of GC System. If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with additional information based on specific requirements or documents about the existing environment – in general, we can design a solution that fully meets the client expectations. It is, therefore, not necessary to maintain a link to the hardware of one particular brand.