Hardware solutions

We offer a wide portfolio of HW and SW solutions including drafting, implementation, operation support and troubleshooting – from HW and SW deliveries for your solution to complex outsourcing of your ICT.

Leave worrying to us – we will ensure reliable HW and SW infrastructure

System services

Eliminate worries with implementation and operation of ICT.

The Technical department of our Company has an extensive team of specialists, whose action radius covers the entire Czech Republic.

The main system support centre is located in the Nagano Office Park in Prague.

We ensure authorised warranty and post-warranty servicing for the Lenovo and IBM portfolios. Servicing centres are located in Prague, Brno and Ostrava.

IBM servers, storage and back-ups

High-end solutions, everything from one supplier

IBM, with their product portfolio, and our Company, with the highest number of services for implementation of IBM solutions and ensured IS operation on their basis, are a sure-fire way to meet your requirements above.

Dell EMC servers and data storage

From affordable solutions with perfect servicing to integrated, high-density computing complexes

For our customers, we construct and manage Dell server infrastructures based on systems and products by Microsoft or Linux, including virtualisation and high accessibility.

Our specialist teams can have Dell’s EMC data storage systems effectively integrated into both Power/AIX environments consisting of IBM servers and virtual environments consisting of VMWare and Hyper-V using expert knowledge of both mentioned environments.


When you need to simplify HW and SW infrastructures on an integrated basis

We offer counselling focused on products from the area of database systems such as Oracle Database or Oracle RAC.