Software solutions

We are poised to provide solutions for businesses tailored to the customer’s processes.

We have experience in business network supervision, Service Desk services, property management, mobile communication security or analysis of large data volumes.

Stable solutions for businesses tailored to your processes

Our services in the area of software solutions cover the following

Asset Management

Smart management of property, maintenance, resources and spare parts supply

In companies where technical property plays a strategic role, it is good to know about the frequency of its usage, how much the ownership and management of the property actually costs you, what condition it is in or when is it going to need maintenance.

This applies regardless of the size or nature of the property and whether we are talking about an individual manufacturing device, industrial units, information technologies, cars or potential infrastructure – buildings, roads, railroads, electrical, thermal or gas lines.

Big Data/Analytics

Discovering added value in huge data volumes

Large companies very frequently have large amounts of structured data at their disposal. For proper setup of data lifecycle, it is necessary to apply selected analytical methods.

We can work with technologies such as data stores, cloud databases, predictive analytics, the Internet of Things.

IBM Cloud

Safe business infrastructure accessible from anywhere

IBM Cloud offers comprehensive solutions of safe data storage with access from anywhere. Today, the cloud is not just a means for data storage; it can be a comprehensive network environment of business infrastructure.

We offer solutions in public or private clouds, with represented technologies including Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service or Software as a Service.

Mobile Device Management

This solution is ideal for management and security of business devices.

Mobile Device Management provides comprehensive policies for security of business communication devices, computers and business agenda. Intuitive application environments and sophisticated politics can protect company communication, even on employees’ own devices.

Available software solutions are based on the cloud platform with support from Watson Analytics technology or traditional solutions with “on-premise” licenses.

Open Source

We offer comprehensive, Open Source-based solutions.

We have established the Open Source platform within our portfolio since our Company adheres to current trends.

We offer a variety of solutions, from environment virtualisation, monitoring or back-ups to analytical data processing with machine-learning.