Software solutions

GC System's product portfolio includes a wide range of software solutions – from the smallest products to large enterprise platforms fully tailored to specific customer requirements and processes. We supply our clients with either third-party solutions or products formulated directly by GC System's development teams.

Thanks to a wide portfolio combining software, hardware and services, we can cover each of the levels of the so-called information pyramid, and we can thereby meet all customer needs. We can cover all the life-cycle phases of individual elements in the customer environment, and we can also adapt to unusual requirements related to already used atypical methodologies.

The present time is about data and maximising efforts to obtain information. Today, organisations routinely store large amounts of structured and unstructured data, and often do not even realise how valuable information is stored in that data. Not far from the truth is the winged cliché that speaks of finding a needle in a haystack. In our teams we have specialists with modern analytical approaches, and we can offer advanced technologies, including data warehouses, predictive analyses and so-called big data processing to our customers.

The Cloud is no longer just about storage or a few basic services – companies have a choice of many solutions covering individual parts of the enterprise information architecture. Today, practically everything is available as a service, including infrastructure and complex platforms.

Database platforms are one of the key foundations for any enterprise information architecture. We have experience with database solutions of various brands, but our specialisation lays in Oracle products.

There are two basic views on open source – the exclusive acceptance of open-source ideas and the outright rejection. The reality is, of course, much more complex, and we know very well that it always depends on many circumstances. We not only have enough experience with the implementation of isolated open-source solutions, but also with integration of other elements of enterprise information architecture and the development of our own products based on the open-source code.

The Internet of Things environment is not the future, but a reality – we can see IoT devices in all sectors, including manufacturing, transport and security services. Similarly, the Internet of Things environment is becoming an integral part of everyday life, including sports activities. However, the truth is that the Internet of Things involves a very large area, has a number of features and always depends on a specific objective. In the case of IoT, GC System primarily focuses on transport.

Today, organisations are forced to work with an increasing number of internal or external documents – traditionally on paper and also electronic. Similarly, every organisation uses a number of various processes, in which documents are acquired or processed – very often across individual departments or centres.

One of the basic problems of any organisation is to provide a detailed overview of its assets, including information on scheduled maintenance, availability of spare parts, classification, etc. It is important that such management is comprehensive and covers all corporate assets. We offer both third-party products and our own asset management platform – GC FM Pack.

...and much more

The above areas do not represent an exhaustive overview of where GC System operates – other solutions from our Company's portfolio include, for example, application servers, mobile device management systems or ICT service management systems. If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with further information about solutions from our portfolio.