Active ICT security

ICT security is currently receiving justified attention. In addition, it can be assumed that the demands on the protection of enterprise information architecture and of the terminal units will increase in the future. This is evidenced by the latest attacks on both business entities and institutions of state administration and self-government.

No one is immune to a security incident. From the viewpoint of information and communication technologies, we certainly do not live in a safe world today. We may encounter a virus infection, hacker attack, identity theft or misuse, or the compromise of important data, including personal data…

The basis of a successful fight against modern cyber threats is a thorough knowledge of the current state of enterprise information architecture. Part of our security portfolio is a comprehensive security audit, which not only includes elements of network infrastructure, servers and user stations in physical and virtual environments, but also existing processes, documentation and unwritten practices.

Network infrastructure monitoring brings a detailed real-time view into network operation; this can be used as a basis for accurate, quick and effective problem resolution, including security. Administrators and security experts can conveniently deal with day-to-day tasks and contribute to the prosperity of the entire organisation.

Our portfolio also includes a range of tools for managing and ensuring the security of enterprise information architecture. Cyber security is not about one tool, nor is there an imaginary magic wand that addresses all security risks.

It is advantageous to collect and further analyse information about security events, including a clear evaluation. The solution is SIEM systems, which collects information about events from various sources and devices of the computer network and unifies them in one place so that the IT administrator can respond in a timely manner to significant threats.

  • we approach security as a complex process

  • we provide security analysis, security management, monitoring and advanced backup

  • we are certified partners of leading companies in the field of cyber security

  • we also supply security solutions for the largest players in the field (among others SMART Comp., Třinecké železárny and ČPZP)