An open-source solution

When offering our customers an open-source solution, we ensure it is always done after careful consideration of all the advantages and disadvantages of an open-source code. Moreover, in the vast majority of cases, it is not an isolated solution, but also an interconnection with one or more elements of the enterprise information architecture.

Commonly deployed solutions include, for example, the Linux operating system in various editions (we specialise in Red Hat, Suse, Debian, Centos and Ubuntu), the KVM virtualisation platform, software firewall, Zabbix monitoring system, Elastic Stack event collection and evaluation tool or the SIEM solution for evaluating Alienvault OSSIM security incidents. The offer also includes solutions for application security and OpenVAS incident detection, Bacula backup system or open-source database platforms.

A part of our portfolio also comprises our own solution for advanced monitoring, the GCMP system, which is a solution for complete monitoring of infrastructure, applications and security. The main advantages include continuous monitoring of interest goals in real time, complete modularity and easy adaptation to specific customer requirements. The processed data includes both operational information and data that falls within cyber security.