Network infrastructure monitoring provides a detailed view of network traffic in real time – when the client knows exactly what is happening in his network, he can take adequate measures to resolve unwanted conditions.

We offer the Flowmon solution, which uses data flow monitoring based on the NetFlow/IPFIX standard. Thanks to clear tables and graphs, an alert system, filtering and other functions, the client always has accurate information about what is happening in the network. One of the basic advantages is that the monitoring of network traffic is completely transparent.

The offered solution also includes a number of expansion modules – from the viewpoint of security the ADS (Anomaly Detection System), which uses the technologies of anomaly detection and network behaviour analysis (NBAD), is important. Unlike IDS systems and SNMP monitoring, ADS monitors the overall behaviour of devices in the network and thereby enables detection of and response to hitherto unknown or very specific threats.

We not only provide monitoring for corporate clients, but also for the most important providers of Internet connectivity – especially with regard to the fulfilment of legal obligations related to data retention.