Management and security

Management and security solutions include a unique operational-security DDI/NAC tool to ensure full network visibility, highly efficient IP address space management and advanced network access security management. Among other things, this can ensure that no non-pre-approved devices are connected to the network.

If monitoring is required at all layers, we recommend the use of a tool that enables the monitoring of heterogeneous technologies and can be operated as an umbrella surveillance system. An indisputable benefit is the possibility to strengthen systems in the form of corrective measure automation.

Adequate management of all IT assets is a basic prerequisite for the successful management of security incidents. Therefore, one of our recommendations is the use of a tool that provides a clear visualisation of network communications and relationship modelling between business services and IT infrastructure. With the help of this tool, you can easily orient yourself in the real state of the company's information architecture and the relationships between IT assets, also thanks to automated network communication processing. It is thereby possible to obtain inputs for the immediate resolution of security incidents in the context of the impact on the individual operated services.