Management and security

Novicom solution


It is a unique DDI/NAC tool used to increase the effectiveness of IP address space management and security access control in extensive networks by orders of magnitude.

This is achieved by integrating systems for L2 monitoring, IP address space management, basic networking services (DHCP, DNS), network access control (NAC) and advanced communications with active network elements.

AddNet fully utilises the advantages of its own technological platform. Basic application parts – controlling servers and workservers – are installed into the system and grid space itself.


It is a highly productive tool for control, management and monitoring of extensive networks and included services, where it is necessary to have superior operational reliability or monitoring system security.

  • It was designed as a client-server-server hierarchy system.
  • It resolves possible problems on the transfer path between servers and clients.
  • It utilises the basis of the Novicom technological background
    • The SGP grid engine ensures maximum operational reliability of the system both in a central location and sub-networks (N+1 redundancy)
    • Own SDP communication protocol for data transfer between clients and servers
    • System of Firebox HW appliances for maximised operational reliability of the supervision components

Netshield solution

This American company focuses on filling security gaps. Pro-active resolution provides effective protection in real time from the latest cyber-attack methods and only provides network access to trustworthy devices

Key properties:

  • Simple deployment and management
  • Management of both local and remote devices from one console
  • Security for combination of detection, blocking and quarantine functions
  • Stable, effective and optimal platform
  • Agentless & Non-inline, connection anywhere, localisation and securing from anywhere
  • Highly scalable: for networks of up to 25 thousand devices
  • Enforcement of comprehensive match, audit and VCE identification
  • Malware database updated every 3 hours ~ Apts & Zero-Days quarantine
  • Zero-hour malware and phishing quarantine – ransomware prevention
  • Vulnerability assessment and patch management
  • Statement of matching with security standards
  • TLD blocking & MAC spoof detection