Open Source


KVM - Kernel-based Virtual Machine

Free virtualisation solution with support purchase

  • The KVM virtualisation does not have any technological or physical limitations.
  • KVM is perfectly extendable and portable.
  • The already virtualised infrastructure can be transferred using tools.

Operating System

Linux – safe and reliable operating system

  • Modern operating system
  • Safe – no viruses or spyware
  • Qualified support and documentation
  • Open to cooperation and communication with other operating systems
  • Updates both itself and installed applications
  • Completely free

Mail Gateway with Malware Protection

Protection on the mail server side is the first line of defence, the goal of which is to prevent delivery of malicious content to users’ inboxes, thus preventing their unwanted clicking and launch of the malicious code.

  • Flexible solution for page amount and permeability
  • Mail filter
  • SMTP server implementation
  • SPAM filter implementation and anti-virus protection


The firewall was designed with modularity and high-level flexibility. We can easily deploy many variants, such as a firewall, proxy server or VPN. Emphasis is placed on easy management; safety patches can be applied quickly thanks to the package manager.

  • From small companies all the way to robust HA solutions
  • Unlimited flexibility
  • No licenses required, fully open-source solution
  • Virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Proxy server, Web GUI interface


Zabbix - affordable Enterprise solution

Monitoring of power, network/application accessibility and cloud resources

  • Support of small to very large areas
  • Prepared for IoT
  • Wealth of visualisation options, variable control panel, own graphs and network maps
  • Notifications, remote command launching, requirement management
  • Completely free, except for

Paid professional services

  • Technical support and training
  • Simple deployment
  • Turnkey implementation
  • Counselling and support

Log Management and Analysis

Elastic Stack – Event collection and evaluation tool

  • Utilises machine learning.
  • Automatically adjusts view.
  • Predicts possible infrastructure problems.
  • Processes trends and periods in real time.
  • Analyses causes and reduces the number of undesirable results.

Security Incident Evaluation


This SIEM technology allows your to analyse security alerts generated by network devices and applications in real time.

  • Data Aggregation – grouping of selected parts of certain entities in order to create a new entity
  • Correlation – localisation of event relations
  • Alerting
  • Information panels, overview sets
  • Match reporting
  • History data (log) saving

Application Security, Incident Detection

OpenVAS – Inspection and auditing, application security

Application security is improved via penetration testing for the vulnerability of applications accessible from external networks

  • Real-time scanning
  • Parallel host processing
  • All data is stored in the DB
  • Periodical test planning


Bacula Systems

Our customers’ data is backed up on fully certified devices, with no licenses necessary and guaranteed support from the 1st hour.

Available clients:

Operating systems

  • Windows, MacOS X
  • Linux (SUSE, Red Hat, Debian)
  • AIX, Solaris, HP


  • HyperV, VMware, KVM, ZEN, Docker