Document management

Today, organisations are forced to work with an increasing number of internal or external documents – traditionally on paper and also electronic. Similarly, every organisation uses a number of various processes in which documents are acquired or processed – very often across individual departments or centres.

Many organisations approach document management in an almost chaotic way, without predefined rules and without the use of appropriate IT support. In such case, effective work with documents is an unattainable dream rather than an achievable reality. However, the solution exists and is hidden in document management systems and in controlled documentation – or more precisely in the controlled circulation of documents according to defined workflows.

Thanks to DMS systems (Document Management System), the processing of electronic documents is significantly easier and more efficient, among other things, thanks to the following options:

  • Controlled document processing, including sharing;
  • Availability of information about the document owner and the current processor;
  • Document version management, including a clear history of previous processing;
  • Traceability of documents and related records;
  • Ensuring and control of compliance with the requirements defined by legislation and standards.

Based on more than two decades of experience in this area, GC System has developed its own document management system – the GCPack. The main benefits of our solution include:

  • Management and evidence of controlled documents;
  • Support of legislative processes, including protection of personal data according to GDPR;
  • Support for internal and external audits;
  • Increasing document processing efficiency;
  • Maintenance management;
  • Workforce management.