Big Data/Analytics

  • Efforts to utilise the connection of traditional information with Big Data and advanced analytical methods
  • Innovations via data and analyses
  • Increased effectiveness of operation activities
  • Companies extract added value from available data
  • Company data is considered a new “natural resource” of the 21st century
  • Support of data-oriented organisations

Key areas that point to the need to deal with these problems

  • Unsatisfactory data quality
  • Missing data managers and standards for their lifecycle
  • Reports with incorrect data
  • Unclear links between structured and non-structured company data

Our Technology

Business Intelligence (BI), Cloud database, Data Warehouse, Data Science, Hadoop, Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, Machine Learning


GC System’s Big Data solution (based on IBM and OpenSource technologies) is used by a financial analysis company active in the CEE region. The goal of the system is to analyse financial transactions, including hundreds of customer attributes, acquired from traditional and non-traditional data sources, and use those to create predictive models for targeted addressing of new customers and to control marketing campaigns.

This solution has resulted in 77% reduced time and costs; the difference had previously been used to create such models.