Analytical solutions

Various organisations process large amounts of data – we are even talking about so-called global data expansion. But the data alone is usually not enough, the information behind it is what is important. Some of the information is directly identifiable, but sometimes its discovery requires significant effort or the use of non-traditional methods. This is not the case with so-called big data, where it is often necessary to combine multiple approaches and also use elements of artificial intelligence.

Within this area, we offer solutions for business intelligence, data warehouses, big data analyses, analysis of data from the Internet of Things environment, predictive analysis and machine learning. GC System's philosophy is to connect traditional data and information sources with advanced analytical methods so that it is possible to extract maximum knowledge across the entire corporate information architecture. The goal is to allow our customers to streamline their operations, further develop and innovate, and successfully undergo digital transformation.

An example of successful deployment of an analytical solution, including support for big data, is our solution based on IBM and open-source technologies – a financial analytical company operating in the CEE region uses the supplied solution to analyse individual financial transactions in detail while taking into account hundreds of customer attributes. The input involves data from traditional and non-traditional sources. Our solution helped to reduce the financial and time requirements for such analyses and the generation of output models by almost 80 percent.