Security analysis

We perform:

  • Comprehensive security analysis including network infrastructure elements and user stations in physical and virtual environments. The service is supplemented by mapping of organisational perimeter and risk qualification.
  • Dynamic and static “web and non-web” tests of applications, supplemented by penetration tests
  • Comprehensive risk analysis based on the visibility of the organisation within the Internet and risk qualification regarding attacks and data leaks via social engineering methods

Individual audit phases:

  • Preparation and planning, i.e., defining an extent, goal and collaboration requirements
  • collection of data and information, i.e., including activity identification, communication and cooperation with employees, technical measurements...
  • Analysis of information and data, resulting in setting and categorisation of risks, proposition of measures


  • Protection of data and company know-how from misuse
  • Effective utilisation of investments into IS
  • Protection of the good name and trust reinforcement for the company
  • Legislative requirements met