ICT security

According to the statistics, most companies only engage in computer network security when detecting a security incident that would have greater than negligible impact on the company infrastructure. This is why it is very important to have prevention and perceive the given problem as an ongoing process.

We provide both comprehensive business security solutions and solutions according to your individual needs.

We don’t resolve risks after incidents.We prefer prevention.

Our services in the area of security cover the following

Security analysis

Current status analysis is the first step in a organisational computer network solution.

The result is a security audit, which is used as a basis for the required organisational technical measures according to the applicable legislation, industrial standards, requirements and the customer’s possibilities.

We use up-to-date tools and methods, which define possible risks and vulnerabilities across the entire company infrastructure.


For a detailed view of network operation

Network infrastructure monitoring brings a detailed view into the network operation in real time; this can be used as a basis for accurate, quick and effective problem resolution.

We offer the FlowMon solution by the Czech company FLOWMON NETWORKS a.s., which is long-term recommended by the GARTNER analytics agency. Its advanced technologies utilise data flow monitoring based on the NetFlow/IPFIX standard.


Security events need to be collected, analysed and evaluated with clarity.

Security Information and Event Management systems gather event information from various systems and computer network devices and unify them to one spot so that the IT manager can respond to significant risks, i.e., eliminate false-positive events.

Management and security

Effective, reliable and safe network control is a basis for company operation.

We offer solutions from the Czech company NOVICOM s.r.o, which has since 1994 developed a variety of their own security tools such as AddNet for effective management of IP address space and “NAC” access control, MoNet for central monitoring of heterogeneous technologies on all layers of extensive networks, and many more.

Data protection

Data and the information and knowledge within is of utmost value – everything else is relatively replaceable.

Our clients’ data is protected via DLP (Data Loss Prevention) systems, which can be characterised by their continuous ability to monitor the activity above the data, identify it and propose an applicable solution method over all data lifecycle phases.