IBM servers, storage and back-ups

IBM, with their product portfolio, and GC System, with the highest number of services for implementation of IBM solutions and ensured IS operation on their basis, are a sure-fire way to meet your requirements above.

IBM offers perhaps the largest product portfolio for constructing information system bases and their support in the entire scope of HW and SW. IBM products are noted for their high reliability, which comes from the most sophisticated mainframes that was also transferred to the Power Systems series (AIX,IBM i, Linux), as well as flawless cooperation, integration and compatibility on their entire server-SAN-storage scale, which is supplemented by effective and compatible back-up tools. For a long time, IBM has been enabling customer investment protection when upgrading, allowing customers’ ICT to grow flexibly and effectively.

GC System a.s. specialises in supplying and supporting comprehensive IBM solutions, especially Unix servers, storage and back-ups, since 1994, which is also the year they became the largest IBM business partner in the region.

The GC System a.s. support team has long-term experience with designing, deploying and supporting a significant segment of IBM solutions, HW and SW products, as well as carrying out requests for high accessibility and metropolitan DR solutions.

  • IBM Power servers and systems, including virtualisation and high accessibility for Enterprise solution
  • IBM disk storage technologies in the entire scope, from entry boxes to enterprise solutions
  • IBM SW and HW for back-ups, archiving, tape technology and Disaster Recovery
  • IBM Tivoli SW for supervision and support technologies

IBM Power Systems servers

Power Systems servers have always been designed for the most demanding calculations. Servers prepared for use in the cloud will help you analyse data from your data flow – from critical data management to management of operational data storage and data storage rooms to providing the best performance for cognitive computing. The Power Systems infrastructure is designed with maximum reliability and safety in order to help you deal with the largest data loads.

Scale-out servers for Linux

Excellent server performance and investment return for applications with high computation power and data demands for competitive prices – that’s Linux versions of IBM Power scale-out servers.

  • They support Ubuntu, SUSE and Red Hat Linux
  • They offer PowerVM and PowerKVM virtualisation options

Scale-out servers

Accessible, easily usable and energy-conserving solutions for smaller or larger deployment options – that’s what IBM Power S8 servers stand for (for medium businesses).

Supports Linux, AIX and IBM; can also be used as application, consolidation or standalone servers.

Converged Infrastructure

Simplified data centre operation with the best performance in its class and unlimited scalability with flexible deployment – those are the advantages of the IBM PurePower System.

  • Based on open standards
  • Complete and flexible cloud infrastructure
  • Prepared for operation immediately after unpacking

Enterprise systems

This system class was designed with maximum resilience, accessibility, safety and power for Enterprise needs.

  • Supports AIX, IBM and Linux
  • Designed for up to 192 processor core POWER8 and memory of up to 16 TB

High performance computing

Unrivalled data management and data analysis performance with unmatched speed and accuracy – that’s IBM Power HPC servers, designed for extreme performance.

  • Configurable for highly scalable Linux clusters
  • For demanding workloads – genetics, finances, chemistry calculations, oil or natural gas surveying, and more

Data storage solutions

IBM data storage solutions provide speed and performance prepared for data access via the agility and effectiveness of hybrid cloud and software-defined storage. By data connections through any architecture, IBM storage provides deeper views much faster – this will allow you to beat your competition and prevail in the cognitive era through quicker transition of large volumes of structured and non-structured data to breakthrough findings, which enables lightning-fast and more accurate decision-making.

IBM Flash Storage

IBM Flash Storage is designed in order to meet modern high-speed data storage requirements with very low latency, cost-effectiveness, high operational effectiveness and reliability.

IBM Spectrum Storage

IBM Spectrum Storage is a comprehensive software-defined solution for data storage, availability and management. It is ideal for easy management of business capacity, performance and flexibility.

Data protection and availability solutions

IBM Spectrum Protect, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management provide protection, restoration, copy management, data archiving and management simply and effectively.

Hybrid storage

IBM hybrid solutions for data storage utilise an optimised combination of media including flash in order to ensure high performance for an acceptable price.

Tape storage

Discover better data storage economy with IBM tape storage – get scalability, durability, safety and power efficiency for an adequately decreased price compared to other media.

Storage Area Network

Utilise business-wide data sharing and collaboration with a wide variety of SAN intelligent switches, directors and routers for connection of servers and storage systems.

Converged infrastructure

IBM and Cisco have become partners and presented a converged infrastructure solution built for the hybrid cloud environment. VersaStack for Hybrid Cloud provides flexibility when selecting the best deployment options for a wide variety of business IT workloads and release of data centre devices for next-generation applications and cognitive workloads.