Dell EMC servers and data storage

Dell EMC servers

From affordable solutions with perfect servicing to integrated, high-density computing complexes

For our customers, GC System a.s. construct and manage Dell server infrastructures based on systems and products by Microsoft or Linux, including virtualisation and high accessibility.

Dell EMC Intel servers

The Dell EMC server portfolio covers the full variety of PowerEdge swords in blade, deskside and rack variants, including PowerEdge C for demanding calculations, as well as modular all-in-one solutions of the PowerEdge VRXT-type solutions, which also includes storage and networking.

PowerEdge Tower deskside models

These are suitable for smaller companies that prefer affordable yet still flexible servers in the optimal range, representing servers of the basic T30, T130 and T330 series for small offices as well as advanced T430, T440 and T630, T640 servers, which offer greater speed and cache, better scalability and virtualisation.

PowerEdge rack servers

These are the right choice for companies that need to install more computation power over reasonably small areas. The offer includes scalable and effective rack server solutions, such as rack 1-socket servers that provide balanced power and disk capacity and allow easy future expansion, an expansive portfolio of 2-socket servers with combinations of properties, which allow the maximisation of power and its future scaling in order to essentially handle any workload with optimum balanced CPU and memory power. Finally, 4-socket servers offer the highest power for the most demanding deployments. They are designed for the optimisation of power, costs and spatial demands.

Modular infrastructure

These HW products represent highly concentrated computation capacity and allow meeting specific requirements for business, cost control and increased IT effectiveness via flexible computing, storage and networking modules for processing, storage and creation of networks.

The PowerEdge FX Series is a hybrid rack computer platform that combines the density and effectiveness of blade systems with the advantages of rack systems.

PowerEdge VRTX forms servers, storage, networks and management integrated together into one compact chassis.

The PowerEdge M Series is a blade-based server node which integrates servers, storage and management into a single chassis designed for maximum density, effectiveness and controllability.

The PowerEdge C-Series is a modular server node which provides a balanced computer platform with concentrated computation power, optimised for high-performance environments.

Dell EMC data storage

Universal data storage for heterogeneous platforms

Specialist teams of GC System a.s. can have Dell’s EMC data storage systems effectively integrated into both Power/AIX environments consisting of IBM servers and virtual environments consisting of VMWare and Hyper-V using expert knowledge of both mentioned environments.

As the world’s largest storage solution producer, Dell EMC offers an entire portfolio of storage systems and software, including EMC VMAX and mid-end unified storage EMC VNX, as well as back-up products, which support an entire series of business application solutions. EMC also offers two more families of storage products, EMC Isilon and EMC Atmos, which are designed specifically to handle enormous non-structured data, e.g. BigData.

Enterprise Storage

Explore Dell EMC business storage, from high-performance All-Flash arrays to flash hybrid platforms and easily expandable NAS systems.

Dell EMC VMAX All-Flash Storage

Combine the speed and efficiency of flash storage with trustworthy reliability and accessibility required for modern data centres.

Dell EMC Isilon Storage

Increase capacity and simplify management using high-performance network storage (NAS) for working with non-structured data.


Pre-define limits using XtremIO All-Flash, intended for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), virtual server and database environments.

Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage

One storage can be used with ECS, both for traditional and for next-generation loads. You can deploy software-defined storage using the method selected by you: as a physical box, software or fully controlled services by Dell EMC.

Dell EMC ScaleIO

Transform your physical storage to a software-defined enterprise solution and simplify the data storage lifecycle at maximum power.  

Entry and Midrange Storage

Dell EMC brings a wide variety of options to All-Flash fields after NAS hybrid and extensive systems for attractive prices.

Dell EMC Unity All-Flash Storage

Dell EMC Unity creates a new standard in the mid-range series performance and unification simplicity and storage consolidation for virtual environments.

Dell EMC VNX and VNXe Hybrid Flash Storage

The most affordable unified multi-protocol fields for storage of VNXe-series data bring you top functions for entry-level prices.

Dell EMC SC Series Storage

The cheapest automated solution for SAN storage, optimised for quicker applications


Enterprise performance and everyday simplicity in one

All-Flash Storage

Discover how Dell EMC All-Flash portfolio, the best on the market, can tremendously speed up your applications and transform your IT in order to achieve even better business results. Suitable products can be found in the Enterprise and Mid-range series. 

Cloud storage

Equip your next-generation with software-defined storage, which is distributed and scalable. Get the benefits of prices for public cloud services along with simplicity and enterprise reliability.

See Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), Dell EMC CloudArray

Software-defined data storage

Get rid of hardware limitations and interoperability. Software-defined Dell EMC data storage creates a unified intelligent layer which provides maximum simplicity, automation and storage control.

Viz. Dell EMC ScaleIO, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, Dell EMC IsilonSD Edge Storage